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X-rays are used to identify problems with your skeleton and for detecting some disease processes in your soft tissue.  They are a form of radiation like light or radio waves, which pass through most objects, including the body.  

The Lister Hospital’s Imaging department has a general x-ray room and a fluoroscopy room.

Fluoroscopy is another type of x-ray which is used to obtain real-time moving images of internal structures, like the stomach, liver and intestines, through the use of a fluoroscope. You may be asked to swallow a contrast material like barium so that the radiologist can see your internal organs even more clearly. Air and barium are also used together as a “double contrast” for even greater detail.

Thex-ray is performed by a radiographer and your results are reported by a specialist Consultant Radiologist within 48 hours.


Imaging department opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 8.00am - 8.00pm

Saturdays: 9.00am - 12.00pm (Appointment Only)



Imaging Services Manager: 0207 881 4005


Imaging Appointments: 0207 730 3759




MRI, CT, bone densitometry, digital mammography, fluoroscopy, OPG, ultrasound, urodynamics, ERCP, interventional radiology, general radiography

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