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Women's health and wellbeing


The Lister Hospital is a leading private treatment centre for a wide range of women’s health problems.

Bone health 

Our bones lose their density gradually, as a natural part of ageing.  Bones become more brittle, mainly because of osteoporosis.  If your doctor suspects you may have this debilitating disease, you may be referred for a bone density scan and to a specialist osteoporosis clinic.  The disease can be treated with oral or injection therapies, to avoid or treat osteoporotic fractures.

Our consultant rheumatologists also care for patients with conditions like arthritis, bone and muscle diseases, and conditions affecting soft tissues. 

Breast care

Our breast care service covers everything from diagnosis to treatment and uses the latest state-of-the-art scanning and imaging equipment for breast assessment, including digital mammography. 

A specialist Breast Care Nurse is always available to provide support, advice and guidance on any aspect of your breast problem.


The Lister Fertility Clinic is one of the largest and most successful fertility centres in the UK, with over 27 years of proven success.  We offer a wide range of fertility treatments, completely tailored to your needs.  Find out more at


Our Gynaecology consultants provide a range of services for women including:

  • colposcopy
  • ovarian cancer screening
  • ultrasound scans
  • pelvic examinations
  • urogynaecology
  • contraception
  • menopausal advice
  • pelvic infection screenings
  • minimal access (keyhole), minor and complex surgery.

Menopausal health

Excellent evidence-based help is now available for women who have reached the menopause, from complementary treatments to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and other self-help techniques, which can all play a role in healthy ageing.

Nutrition and exercise

Nutrition plays a vital role in women's health at all ages, from childbearing years to after the menopause.  Our specialist dietitian and nutritionists advise on therapeutic diets and treatment for conditions from diabetes to IBS and polycystic ovarian syndrome to raised cholestrol.

Our Sport and Exercise Physicians advise women on overcoming sports injuries, guiding them back to their much-loved sports activities as quickly as possible.

Well woman health screens 

We currently do not offer a well woman health screen service. 

Women’s health physiotherapy

Our dedicated women's health physiotherapists treat all conditions relating to women's health, including bladder control problems, stress incontinence and weak pelvic floor muscles. Treatment is available:

  • to support recovery post-hysterectomy and other gynaecological surgery
  • to ease menopausal symptoms
  • to treat musculoskeletal discomfort, pain and dysfunction during and after pregnancy.



Outpatient department opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 8.00am – 8.00pm

Chelsea Outpatient Centre opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 8.00am – 8.00pm


For Women's health and wellbeing appointments and enquiries:
t: 0207 881 4000 


Book an appointment with a Women's health and wellbeing consultant at either The Lister Hospital or Chelsea Outpatient Centre: 0207 881 4000

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