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A cough is a common symptom; most coughs are self limiting and last less than three weeks. Any cough that lasts longer than eight weeks is a chronic cough.

A persistent cough is frustrating and can be disabling and socially isolating. Although there are many less common causes of chronic cough, the three most common are:

  1. post nasal drip
  2. asthma
  3. reflux

Identifying the underlying cause is vital to increase the likelihood of eradicating the chronic cough.

The Lister Hospital Cough Clinic has Consultants from different specialties with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of cough to help. Which specialist you need to see may depend on any symptoms you have in addition to your cough. You may need to see more than one specialist from the team, which includes:

The Lister Hospital cough clinic team includes Respiratory, Ear Nose and Throat/Allergy, and Gastroenterology consultants, specialist respiratory physiotherapists, a clinical psychologist and speech and language therapist. They are supported by tests performed in the lung function, gastroenterology physiology and imaging departments.  

Your initial consultation will involve completing the Cough Questionnaire, a full assessment, and a number of investigations including, but not limited to, blood tests, breathing tests, and a chest x-ray.

You will then have an initial trial of treatment for your chronic cough; this may include appropriate medications, lifestyle measures, physiotherapy (cough control) and psychological interventions. Further investigations and/or consultations are usually decided once your response has been assessed.


Outpatient department opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 8.00am – 8.00pm


Book an appointment with a Consultant in Respiratory Medicine, an ENT or a Gastroenterology Consultant either at The Lister Hospital or Chelsea Outpatient Centre: +44 (0)20 7730 8298


  • Allergy tests
  • Asthma diagnostic tests
  • Full lung function
  • GI physiology tests.

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