Paying for private treatment at The Lister Hospital

Self pay & ways to pay

The Lister Hospital caters for people paying for their own treatment, sponsored by their company, organisation or embassy, or those with private medical cover from all major insurance companies.

Privately insured patients

The Lister Hospital has agreements covering most UK medical insurance schemes but you should check with your insurer before coming in for any medical treatment.

Self-funding patients

If you’re paying for your treatment yourself, we require payment in full or a deposit at or before the time of treatment. The value of the deposit will vary with treatment and is at the discretion of the hospital. It will save time on the day of your admission if you organise payment in advance.

Packaged accounts

Packaged accounts are billed as a one line bill; prices are normally discounted and assume a routine stay without medical complications. They are offered on the basis that an advance deposit is paid and full payment is made on or before the day of discharge. Please read the details of your particular agreement.  These accounts are not normally reclaimable from insurance companies.

Ensure you understand what's not included in any package price. If there are any complications which lead to an extended stay in intensive care, an addition to the agreed number of nights of the package, return visits to the theatre or special nursing requirements, the hospital reserves the right to re-bill on an item of service basis.

Your agreement may involve separate charges for histology tests, physiotherapy aids or take-home medication and high cost items like prosthesis, as these items are individual to each patient and are specified by your doctor.

Accounts not settled on departure may not qualify for discount and may be rendered in full.

Making payments

Payment may be made by debit or credit card, bank transfer or cash. The hospital will provide an invoice for all charges made against your card together with your credit card voucher.

Cash payments should be made in £ Pounds Sterling.

Payment responsibilities

Our payment terms are strictly net on receipt of invoice; that payment is due immediately. The hospital policy is to require payment in full at the time of discharge on all accounts not guaranteed by an approved third party. Interest may be charged at the rate of 12% per annum on all accounts where credit has not been granted and there are delays in payment.


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