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Our world-class private hospitals in London

One in three of our patients travel to our private hospitals in London from outside of the capital because they know it is worth travelling to receive the very best treatment possible.

HCA Inc. is an American company, also known as Hospital Corporation of America, and the world's largest private hospital group. HCA’s private hospitals in London are the company’s overseas division and you are able to benefit from their world-renowned experience and expertise.

HCA in the UK

  • The Lister Hospital
  • The Harley Street Clinic
  • London Bridge Hospital
  • The Portland Hospital
  • The Princess Grace Hospital
  • Wellington hospital

Each of the private hospitals in London is a Centre of Excellence where you will receive the highest standard of care delivered by dedicated medical teams.

The Harley Street Clinic

Situated in the heart of London's medical district, The Harley Street Clinic has 121 beds including a large adult and paediatric cardiac centre. It is one of London's premier cancer centres and houses both adult and paediatric intensive care units.

The Harley Street Clinic's Cancer Centre offers outpatient radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment and has an integrated approach to cancer care with counselling and complementary therapies available to patients.

The Harley Street Clinic at University College Hospital provides specialist medical and surgical care ranging from simple day-case procedures to complex sarcoma and haemato-cancer treatments, all of which are supported by University College Hospital’s extensive critical care facilities.

The Lister Hospital

Overlooking the River Thames in Chelsea, The Lister Hospital is recognised as being at the forefront of medicine. It is perhaps best known for its Fertility Clinic, which is one of the longest-established and most successful in the UK, together with its comprehensive gynaecology and breast care services for women.

The Lister has one of the largest dermatology laser units of all private hospitals in the UK. Specialist services include an orthopaedic centre encompassing a hand unit, foot and ankle service, spinal surgery and joint replacement. Other major specialties include gastroenterology, general and vascular surgery, neurology, cancer, ophthalmology, plastic surgery and urology.

London Bridge Hospital

Next to the River Thames and overlooking the City, London Bridge Hospital is one of London’s largest private hospitals with around 140 beds. It is known internationally for its cardiac services, cancer treatments, renal medicine, neurology, orthopaedics and other areas of acute medicine. It is also home to the London Lupus Centre.

The hospital has two state-of-the-art fast access diagnostic and treatment centres, located at 31 Old Broad Street in the City and at Canary Wharf. The medical teams are supported and linked by leading-edge diagnostic technology.

The Portland Hospital

The Portland Hospital for Women and Children in central London is renowned internationally for the high standard of personal care it provides. With 93 beds, it offers neonatal intensive care, a special care baby unit, paediatric intensive care and a high dependency unit for adults.

The Portland is the only acute private hospital of its kind in London. Maternal choice is core to its obstetric and midwifery care. The hospital offers specialist care from conception, through birth to paediatric medicine.

Its consultants cover a wide range of areas of paediatric medicine and women's health. Unique in UK private hospitals, its specialised Women's Outpatient Centre provides full gynaecological diagnostic services.

The Princess Grace Hospital

The Princess Grace Hospital, situated in London's renowned medical district, is one of the best-known acute private hospitals in the UK. With 110 beds, intensive care and high dependency facilities, the hospital is known for its leading-edge medicine in a wide number of areas. It is recognised for excellence in breast care, brain and spinal medicine, gastroenterology, prostate treatment, orthopaedics and musculo-skeletal medicine, plastic surgery and many other areas.

A range of specialist clinical centres are supported by the most modern diagnostic and imaging technology available. The hospital has a doctor-led Urgent Care Centre, which provides a walk-in service for medical emergencies and minor injuries.

The Wellington Hospital

The Wellington Hospital, just north of London's West End, is the UK's largest private hospital with over 260 beds. It is internationally renowned for its cardiac services, neurology, liver unit, orthopaedics, urology, gynaecology and most other forms of acute medicine.

The hospital's 45-bed multi-disciplinary rehabilitation unit is one of the largest of its kind in the UK. The Wellington's specialist medical teams are led by consultants, many of whom hold senior positions in the NHS. The hospital has the largest and most comprehensive state-of-the-art technology diagnostic and imaging units available anywhere in the UK private hospital sector.

The Harley Street Clinic
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