The history of The Lister Hospital

History of The Lister Hospital

The Lister Hospital is a private hospital in London providing world-class healthcare in the heart of Chelsea. It opened in 1985 but its world-class reputation owes much to its namesake, the father of antiseptic surgery, Lord Lister.

Joseph Lister was born in Upton, Essex on 5 April 1827. As a boy, he attended Quaker schools and excelled at German and French. Whilst studying at the University of London Joseph decided that his true calling was medicine and, in 1852 he was elected a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.

1853 - Joseph started studying in Edinburgh under the brilliant surgeon, Professor James Syme and became his first assistant at the University of Edinburgh the following year

1856 - Joseph married his mentor’s daughter, Agnes. They enjoyed a honeymoon visiting the medical centres of Germany and France and Agnes soon became Joseph’s research partner as well as his wife.

1865 - Joseph used carbolic acid as an antiseptic for the first time and experimented with antiseptic-treated surgical equipment

1871 - Lister operated on Queen Victoria

1882 - The Queen honoured Lister with a knighthood

1902 - King Edward VII was diagnosed with appendicitis and Lister was called upon to provide support during his surgery

1903 - The British Institute of Preventative Medicine was renamed The Lister Institute in honour of the great surgeon and medical pioneer

1912 - Joseph Lister died at the age of 85. He was honoured with a service at Westminster Abbey and was buried alongside his wife at Hampstead Cemetery as he had wished.

1917 - The Lister Institute pioneers preparation of dried blood plasma for transfusion

1985 - The Lister Hospital opens.

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